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     This blog post is going to be a little different than my last posts. This post will be a little bit more personal, rather than just a travel blog that you are used to seeing. In the video above you see many of the places I have been privileged to visit while living here in Ireland 🇨🇮 I don't know what it is about my love for travel and exploring; I have had the itch ever since I was a child. My father always said that he'll get a call from me one day in Timbuktu because I've always found the need to experience and see new things. I also never settle for things, I always challenge myself and have the discipline to do anything I really want to do. If I say I'm going to do it, you better believe I will find a way to do it. I'm not one to let adversity stop me from doing anything I want to do. Even with the scariest thing I have done to date, MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY! But in all honesty, I wasn't scared of going to a new country not knowing a single soul or the customs I would have to adapt to. That was exciting to me! Everyone told me it was a Wild idea, my response to that was "I'm a Wild Thing." 👹 Although my mom had a heart attack when I told her my plans, she knew deep down in the bottom of her heart I needed this. So with that being said, bring on the adventure!

This video has clips taken from various counties in Ireland; I didn't include all the places I visited because that will be another post, and some places I didn't wind up filming in to kept that moment for myself. BUT I did include in this video all the places that really took my breathe away. I am extremely happy I can say that I have visited all of Ireland, and have seen everything it has to offer. I am not scared to stand on the edge of a cliff, as you can see from the video. (Mom fast forward that part! I can see her anxiety attack starting already lol) I am much happier getting lost in the woods than being seen in the city. Hint: that's where you find the Wild Things 👹 The video really does not do it justice; Ireland is way more beautiful in person!! If anyone would ever want to plan a trip here, let me know and I would be happy to help!

Side note: The song playing in this video was a cover song I did with a good friend of mine named David, whom I'm so thankful for his help! Can't believe we were able to get it done before I left Miami. Thank you David! 🙌

I hope you enjoyed my escapades through Ireland in the video and getting to know me a little bit in this post. I will be back to normal travel postings! If you have any questions please leave in the comments below.

See you on my next adventure!

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Guinness Factory and Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland Adventure 3 of Euro Trip #LillyMayTakesOnEurope

On to the next adventure, I was excited to be able to visit the Guinness Factory and the Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland!

Both places are within a 20 minute drive of each other and I did them in one day, which is totally doable. I spent about 2-3 hours in each location because I like reading the history and going around the exhibits. If you ever plan a trip to Dublin and are old enough to consume alcohol the Guinness Factory and the Jameson Distillery are A MUST SEE! 

Check out my vlog below and scroll on down to see my experience in both places!


I drank Guinness before arriving in Dublin, but being able to be able to see how it's made from it's place of origin makes my heart patter. Being part English, I naturally REALLY like dark beer.  Can't wait to see inside! This is replica of the inside of a barrel of Guinness, and let me tell you this is MASSIVE! They use real wood ...obviously... and is made with roasted barley which gives Guinness the dark color.

In the olden days, they used ships to transport their beer to that make money honey! When you walk through to the museum part of the tour you will see salvaged old machines that used to aboard the Guinness ships. Such as this machine, it was aboard the Guinness ship.

In the Guinness Factory they have two places to eat, one being the 1837 restaurant. This is a nicer place to eat, more like an actual restaurant versus the other place is a more fast paced dinning with just beer and burgers. We ate here at the 1837 restaurant as you can see from the video above, and it was DELICIOUS! Can we have a moment of silence for that crème brûlée good.

Moving on the drinks and by drinks I most certainly mean beer. All of the beer you see in this picture are Irish beers, which I have had the pleasure of trying almost all of them hehe...

(I haven't tasted the Hop House Lager, the rest I've tasted) :D

Side note: I have noticed though, that the Guinness in Ireland tastes a bit different compared to the Guinness made in America.

Irish Guinness wins the taste test by 1,000%!

At the end of the tour you get a "complimentary pint of Guinness," you pay for it in the ticket price lol BUT its pretty sweet. You go to the roof top bar, as seen in the video above, and have a 360° view of Dublin. It is a great experience, but keep in mind the bar if very small and is always full so finding a place to sit is slim to none. Going on a off, random night to chill out and have a drink is your best bet because it is a great view of the city. I say it's worth the trip because the view is pretty spectacular! Have a look 0.0

This is the amazing view from one side of the 360° bar. I would've liked to get pictured from the other sides, but again it was packed and not accessible. But did manage to get one side which made me happy! I had a good experience in the Guinness Factory, I'm glad I went but I can see why some say it is stated as "overrated." Putting all that aside, I'm glad I went and got the history behind one of my favorite beers.

BUT I had an even better experience in the Jameson Distillery,

Keep on scrolling to see! :D 


Okay, so before starting the whiskey tour I must say that whiskey is my drink of choice. I do prefer whiskey over any other alcoholic beverage, including beer, so my excited to go here is at an ALL TIME HIGH!

This is a replica of a copper pot still that Jameson uses to make whiskey.

It is the actual size of a real pot still and you can find it in the entrance to the distillery.

On display in front of the bar there is a bookshelf with old whiskey barrels, and to the right of it are variations of old and new whiskeys that Jameson has produced over the years. They are not open for consumption, but very cool to look at. The had a bottle from 1930 that I bet would taste DELICIOUS! Imagining drinking that right now...

Side note: The distillery as a bar inside where you can go an drink without taking a tour if you'd like.

The Jameson Distillery offers two tours aside from the walking tour: 

1- The Whiskey Makers Tour; where you get to make YOUR OWN WHISKEY!

This is the board set up for you to make your own version of Jameson Whiskey. I will not ruin the surprise in taking the tour, but just know it was really fun and now I have a bottle of my own whiskey forever!! Well I have the bottle forever but maybe not the whiskey ;)

2- The Whiskey Shakers Tour; where you learn to makes different drinks with whiskey!

Side note: I took the tours on separate occasions, with different people but wanted to add them together since it was done in the same place.

This is the set up to bartending 101 Jameson style! My best friend is a bartender so I know what most of this is called, but do I really know how to use all of them? Ehhhhhh, no lol But I'm go'n learn today!

First drink up to make was a Whiskey Sour and DAMN I'M GOOD! As following the recipe haha

No really though, that was delectable! I've never made a whiskey tour before but it will not be my last!

Next up on the list is my personal favorite and go to drink, an Old Fashioned.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT!! I make a mean Old Fashioned! For sure going to be making them regularly. My best friend would be proud! I sent her this picture and was told a taste test was in order. I'm in Biff! I got you! And if not you fix it ;D

Side note: you do make a third drink, which is a punch but I didn't snap a photo of it :( But was really really tasty!

And now for my FAVORITE PART OF THE TOUR! You get to drink undistilled whiskey straight from the barrel. Yes. You. Read. That. Right. 67% alcohol, 120 proof whiskey STRAIGHT FROM THE DANG BARREL! (Btw both tours do this! YAY!)

Comparing both tours I really enjoyed both of them in different ways; I loved learning the purpose of ingredients that go into whiskey ad then making my own in the makers tour. I'll cherish that bottle always. But on the other hand, I had a lot of fun making drinks and meeting new people in the shakers tour. I am very blessed to have done them both and am happy I did. Now I can make drinks with the whiskey I made! Put both the tours to good use! 


All in all I had a great time at both places. The Guinness tour is a bit cheaper and more of a self guided tour, but still very interesting and fun. If you like beer I recommend it, not only for dark beer drinkers but I recently learned, in the tour, GUINNESS MAKES PALE ALES! Seriously, mind blown people! So beer drinkers should definitely stop in and have a look. The Jameson Distillery is not a cheap tour for the Shakers as well as the Makers, they both cost 60 Euro, but are 1000% worth it in my book. I would go again if I could. I really loved that place so much so that if I come back to Dublin I will without a doubt stop in the distillery and do another tour. Book it in advance though! But book it! I hope you enjoyed my journey through the Guinness Factory and the Jameson Distillery as much as I did.

See you on my next adventure!

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Blickling Estate National Trust Adventure 2 of Euro Trip #LillyMayTakesOnEurope

The next stop on my journey is England to visit my family. My cousin Louise is a former tour guide for the city of Norwich, Norfolk in England, so we visited a lovely place called the Blickling Estate.

Just a little bit of history of the property:

Blicking Estate was built in the 15th century, and was in the possession of Sir John Fastolf of Caister from 1380–1459. Sir John made a fortune in the Hundred Years' War.

Many years later, the property was in the possession of the Boleyn family. Thomas Boleyn, later known as Earl of Wiltshire, and his wife Elizabeth lived there between 1499 and 1505. Although the exact birth dates of their children are unknown, they had three children Mary in about 1500, Anne in about 1501, and George in about 1504. The house of Blickling Estate seen today was built on the ruins of the old Boleyn property in the reign of James I, by Sir Henry Hobart.

After the death of Philip Kerr, 11th Marquess of Lothian (the last private owner of Blickling) in December 1940, the Blickling estate passed into the care of the National Trust as part of his bequest. Now it is a museum and is looked after by the National Trust to keep it in proper working order.

There is sooo much more history on this property, and if you're interested in learning more please visit their website at

This is the walkway view from the street and as you can see it is magnificent! The landscape is perfectly manicured and the sky was party cloudy; such a beautiful day. I could just stare at this for hours!

I literally had to wait 10 minutes for people to clear the walkway to take this shot haha. This place was crawling with people, and you can understand why. This house, no not a house, MANSION! This mansion may be old but has so much character.

Just outside the estate there is a cafe next to the carpark, and this is the peak-a-boo view you get from the cafe. From this angle you can't tell how massive this house is by size, but just count the chimneys. FUN FACT: in the olden days they could tell how rich you were by how many chimneys you had in your home. If you can afford to heat your house with many fireplaces you were considered rich. What a different mind set right?!  No one cared about your $1,000 belt, but they cared if you could heat your home. I think I like those materialistic values better than valuing someone from apparel or the car they drive. Food for thought... 

MAN OH MAN WHAT I WOULD COOK IN THIS KITCHEN! Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE to cook. This vintage style kitchen would totally suit my needs! I absolutely love this style and would be happy to have this in my home personally. Funny how people purposely make things look old in their homes now, when back then all they wanted was for things to look new... hmmmm, some more food for thought...

My fascination with stairs are real! This spiral stair case goes up four stories and was used only by the help to keep them out of sight from guests. How rude! *Stephanie Tanner Voice* <-- if you don't know that reference we can't be friends.

This bench is at the bottom of the helper's stairway. Not really sure why it was there, but was too beautiful not to take a snapshot of it. Every detail says a story, I wonder what stories this bench would tell us if it could talk...

This photo was taken from Anne's room (the middle child of the Boylen Family). The National Trust has done such a fine job preserving the artifacts inside the home, they are in pristine condition. The colors are vibrant but soft at the same time, I just love these pieces. I wish I could have a mirror like that in my home, it is just so beautiful.

This is a side view from the garden. Again, can you see how many chimneys are on this side of the house alone?! O.O

The skies worked with me this day and did not rain, THANK GOD! That made for a perfect picture day. :D

If you look the right way you can see that the whole world is a garden 🌸🌥

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart 💞 -Pooh Bear

This is the little Doric Temple Folly, built about 1728 that is located behind the garden.  

Here I am standing in the mote that now has been filled and turned into a small garden. If you're short enough (like me) or don't mind getting down and dirty, you can go under all the bridges to play an epic game of freeze tag. Not to toot my own horn but... I won ;)

I am always interested in learning about things, either new or old. Spent the entire day here with my family and we all really enjoyed ourselves. They have a proper bar and restaurant onsite as well as a cafe for coffee or tea. The cafe does make homemade ice-cream that is safe to say, was by far the best ice cream I have had. I had a raspberry swirl (raspberry and vanilla ice-cream) and nothing compares to it. Mmmmm, I wish I could have some right now! haha Anyways, if you like history, or even like exploring antiques or gardens this place has it all. It even has a beautiful lake in the back of the estate that has the most amazing views. I would suggest that you wear comfortable shoes though, there is a lot of walking involved. Get that cardio in! Oh! Before I forget, if you ever do visit the estate, try and find the secret doors around the house! I won't tell you how many there are, but they are very cleverly hidden. Keep those eyes peeled!

See you on my next adventure!

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Game of Thrones Tour in Northern Ireland Adventure 1 of Euro Trip #LillyMayTakesOnEurope

The first stop on my Euro trip is Ireland. So being in Ireland on holiday it only seemed right to do the GOT (Game of Thrones) Tour. Although I have never seen GOT ( I know, I live under a rock ), my mom and sister are really big fans. I mean REALLY BIG FANS! So we went on an adventure to Northern Ireland and visited the places where GOT is filmed.

Scroll down and see the magnificent places I was privileged to visit!

Bushmills, Ireland

I was standing on this cliff, and honestly this photo does not do it justice. It was a bit of a hike but it was worth it in my opinion.

Bushmills, Ireland "there are far better things ahead than those we leave behind"

This photo was taken is on the other side of the same cliff from the above photo. I got my cardio in this day!

Northern IrelandTravel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer Carrick-A-Reed Rope Bridge "It always seems impossible until it's done"

For some reason I have developed a fascination with stairs over the years, and in the middle of the hike I found these. I couldn't resist stopping to take this shot. Believe it or not, I took this half way up. The never ending stairs...

Ballintoy Harbour, Ballycastle

This location has been featured in many episodes because it has various ways to manipulate the area to shoot different scenes. I'm feel like I'm on top of the world here. I don't know why, but something about nature makes me feel at peace. 

Although I don't watch GOT, I still enjoyed the tour and experienced a grand adventure with my mom and sister. I would not trade that day for the world. I highly recommend anyone to take the tour, Ireland is beautiful. I will say to eat your wheaties that morning because it's a lot of walking for the long day excursion, but really worth it.

See you on my next adventure!

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